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Feature Development for Event App

B2C iOS App

Improving the game day experience for attendees of a Seahawks Game at CenturyLink Field with the Seahawks mobile app.

Completed as a student at General Assembly Seattle.

Seahawks App Demo

Project Summary

2 Weeks

3 UX Designers

Project Management

Research - Learn about the organization, users, and market

Analysis - What issues do users have?

Design - How can we solve those issues?

Solution - Figma Prototype

Seahawks App Hero


Initial Research

Use occasion - Seahawks games

Use location - CenturyLink Field

Background - Technology at games

Reviews of current app - What do people like/not like?

Interviews - What do people like/not like about the current app?

How do people experience game day at the stadium?

By far the most reviews were for iOS vs. Android, so we focused on iOS for the initial design.

Seattle Seahawks App Reviews

Synthesizing the Research

Affinity Map

Affinity Map - What are the themes we found in the user research about being at a football game?​

It’s a way to connect with friends and family.

I need to fulfill my basic human needs - fast!

I need to find my peeps.

Who are we designing for?


Goals for the Designed Feature

Usage Situation - A long time Seahawks fan is at their yearly visit to CenturyLink Field to see a game. They want to enjoy the game with their friends and have an enhanced live experience. 

Product Goal - A well-designed and informative iPhone app that enhances the game day experience and makes it easy to find everything you need and make the most of being at the game.

Functional Goals​

Make navigation easy - find seats and facilities with ease.

Make the ticket experience seamless.

Enhance the camaraderie/team spirit that people attend football games for.

Help people who are attending the game with family and friends connect with them and stay together.



How does Tyler feel during game day?

Customer Journey Map

How will Tyler use the app on game day to meet up with a friend for lunch?

User Flow

How will Tyler find the features he needs?

Current Organization

Site Map Top Level Menus

Card Sort - How would users organize the content?

Card Sort Merge Method

New Organization

Site Map Top Level Menus

Default homepage

Added this as it's own tab in second round of testing


Sketching to Find Possible Solutions

Round 1 - Initial brainstorm

Sketches from a Quick Brainstorming Session.

Group Design Studio initial concepts

Round 2 - Expanded Wireframe of User Flow

Iterations from Usability Testing

Refining user flow

Is the right information available?

Label and wording clarity


What I Learned

Major Takeaways from this Project

Ruthlessly avoid scope creep!

Make sure you have full access to the thing you are redesigning.

Check commonly accepted interactions of the type you are designing.

What I Learned
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