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Product Discovery

B2C eCommerce - The Game Shelf

Creating an e-commerce function for a local store and designing for discovering new products.

Completed as a student at General Assembly Seattle.

The Game Shelf Website Demo

Project Summary

2 Weeks

1 UX Designer

Research - Learn about potential users and how they find games

Analysis - User needs and site organization

Design - Iterative process with usability testing 

Solution - Mid-fidelity Sketch Prototype

Game Shelf Hero Image.jpg


Background of the store and looking at their current website.

Reviews of The Game Shelf and other similar local businesses.

Interviews with gamers with different levels of experience with the hobby.

Weird issues with the industry - publishers don't let local stores sell their products online.

Competitive analysis - What are some other similar business doing on their websites? What features do they have?

Current Website

The Game Shelf Current Site

Competitive Analysis

Competetive Analysis

Synthesizing the Research

Affinity Map - What things about board game stores are important to customers?

Word of mouth or recommendations are a key way to find games.

People play games because they like hanging out with family/friends.

Browsing games is fun - artwork catches people’s eye.

Affinity Map

Task Analysis - What are the steps in buying a board game?

Task Analysis

Who Are We Designing For?



How does Kaitlyn feel when buying a game?

Customer Journey Map

How should the site be organized?

Card Sort - How would users arrange the categories?

Card Sort Merge Method

Site Map - How could the site be arranged?

Site Map


Initial Sketches - Basic Wireframes

Wireframe Sketches 1
Wireframe Sketches 2

User Flow

User Flow

Usability Testing and Iterations

Changes between Version 1 and 2 include:

  • Added a lot more pictures

  • Fixed some issues like things not being in typographical order 

  • Moved the “Jason’s Thoughts” and renamed it to give it less prominence

  • Added the Gamefinder description to the product pages

Prototype Version 1

Single Product Page version 1

Prototype Version 2

Single Product Page version 2

What I Learned

Major Takeaways from this Project

Use the appropriate level of fidelity for the feedback needed.

This was designed with only one persona in mind - adding more would probably have a fairly big influence on the design.

What I Learned
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